Prof. Dr. Thomas Brock
Chairman of European Scientific Committee
Member of FATIPEC Executive Committee

1950, studied chemistry at Münster and Cologne.
Three years development and production of printing inks followed and then ten years R&D and application technique with Herberts, a coatings manufacturer (today: DuPont), in the field of developing waterborne paints and product introduction, pigment dispersing and optimizing paint production.
Since March 1995 he is professor for coatings technology at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld, Germany, with the main activities: Measuring and testing technology, rheology, paint production, application and coating processes.


  • Formation of European Center for Coatings and Surface Technology (ECCS):
    Consulting, R&D, technology transfer for industry partners in Germany and in the Netherlands.
  • Besides teaching, numerous publications over last 25 years; 15 patents and 50 contributions in congresses and journals; organizing professional education.
  • Since 1997 member of the board of European Society of Coatings Technology (EGL), see www.egl-online.de.
  • 2006 - 2011 chairman of division „Paint Chemistry“ in German Chemical Society (GDCh), see under www.gdch.de/lack
  • Since 2010 member of FATIPEC Board (Europ. Paint chemists) and member of
    Executive Board;
  • Author/Co-author of:

    - “Lehrbuch der Lacktechnologie”, 4 editions, last: 2012, Vincentz Network, with transl. to Engl. (“European Coatings Handbook”, 2 ed.), French and Russian,
    - Römpp-Lexikon “Chemie” (Book and online),
    - Kittel, Lehrbuch der Lacke und Beschichtungen.

E-mail: brock-huerth@t-online.de

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