European Scientific Committee

The FATIPEC European Scientific Committee (ESC), a permanent body of FATIPEC, is composed of one delegate from each member Association. The members are recognized as experts in the fields closely related to the Coatings Science and Industry.
The role of the ESC is to take care of the scientific, technological and technical level of FATIPEC programs and cooperate with the Congress President for the FATIPEC congresses. The Chairman cooperates with the Congress President.

The major activities of ESC are:

  • to keep the scientific, technological and technical level of the FATIPEC federation programs,
  • to support the FATIPEC Board in the main objectives, mainly in development and to disseminate the scientific and technological wide scope of knowledge concerning production, formulations, application and development of coatings and inks understood in their widest meaning,
  • to promote the FATIPEC scientific and technical activity in the field of paints, varnishes, enamels and printing inks by publications in journals, websites and leaflets,
  • to seek and select qualified lecturers from Universities, Research Centres, Institutes and companies in their own country and assure the outstanding scientific or technical level of the lectures,
  • to setup a program the European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC),
  • to select the papers and presentations for the congress awards ,
  • to participate in the ETCC congresses and related meetings,
  • to inform the FATIPEC Board about main scientific and technical events in a member country.
  • to provide updated technical information for FATIPEC publications and promotions.


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