The Russian Coating Scientific Association

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A very important landmark event for the coatings industry was the 7th International Conference «RUSCOAT-2014», held from 18 till 21 August 2014 in Repino, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

79 coatings specialists from 56 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Switzerland, Germany and Italy took part in the conference, RCSA members among them. 

The conference addressed the topical issues of the paint industry, the main Russian coating market trends, new types of products based on innovative technologies and modern raw materials, environmentally friendly coatings and production technologies, methods of corrosion protection, regulatory issues concerning the industry.

In 2014 the members of Association took an active part in the following international conferences and seminars:

- Interlakokraska, March 2014, Moscow, Russia

- PaintExpo, April 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany

- Eurocoat, September 2014, Paris, France

-International Conference ADVANCES IN COATINGS TECHNOLOGY - ACT’14, Sosnowiec,


- Seminar on pigments for coatings organized by «RCL Exports India (PVT.) Ltd.», December 2014, India

- Seminars organized by Allnex, Bayer, Promcoat, Nuplex, Evonik, Merck, Netzsch, BYK, Geotech, Radiant. All seminars were held in Russia.

Every year RCSA organizes for the coatings specialists Seminar « Colorimetry.

Calculation of coatings formulations»

RCSA consistently takes part in developing and improving standards and test methods for coating quality control, regularly participates in meetings and consultations on standardization and certification in paint production and application.


In 2015 the members of Association are going to take part in the following conferences, seminars and exhibitions:

· 12th International Exhibition ExpoCoating - «Coatings and Surface Treatment», 17-19 February 2015, Moscow, Russia

· Interlakokraska, March 2015, Moscow, Russia

· European Coatings Show-2015, March 2015, Nuremberg, Germany

· Seminar organized by Allnex, June 2015, Heidelberg, Germany


The information activities of RCSA are aimed at:

· regular update of the Association website

· increase of the website visitors’ awareness of the FATIPEC and RCSA activities

· providing information about FATIPEC and RCSA activities to the trade mass media


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