Philippe Janssens
Treasurer of FATIPEC

He graduated in Industrial Engineer Chemistry, Ing. at the Engineer Institute De Nayer, Mechelen – Belgium in 1973.


  • 1973: he started as Marketing Manager Direct End-users/Direct Accounts in Belgium at the Group Arjo Wiggins SA
  • 1976: he moved as Marketing & Sales Manager to the Group Chemische Werke Hüls GmbH, later on renamed Hüls AG, nowadays Evonik Industries AG - Germany. Over the years he headed several businesses in the countries Belgium, Benelux and the latter W. Europe. During 35 years he always was in close contact to the Paint, Coatings & Inks Industry. That same year he joined the ATIPIC, Belgian Association of the Technicians of the Paint & Coatings Industry as a Member and then joined its Board in 1979.
  • 1987: he obtained an MBA in Economics and Science of Societies at the KUL, Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium.
  • 1997: he was elected President of the ATIPIC Association succeeding Alain Clause, after having been its Treasurer for many years. That same year he joined the Board of FATIPEC as President of ATIPIC representing his Association.
  •  2007: he was elected President of FATIPEC for the mandate 2007-2008, after having been its Treasurer for many years.
  • 2007 – 2008 – 2009: he attended the yearly official CSI Board meetings in resp. Tokyo, Sandefjörd and Buenos Aires, representing FATIPEC.
  • 2010: he was awarded General Secretary of FATIPEC for the mandate 2011-2014, succeeding Bernard Lestarquit.
  • 2011: he handed his ATIPIC Presidency over to his successor, Hugues Dedeurwaerder form the Belgian CoRI (Coatings Research Institute).
  • Since mid 2009 he has been working for the BU Advanced Intermediates of Evonik Industries, after having headed for the last 3 years European Sales Management, Marker Segment Coatings & Resins – Acrylic Monomers.
  • 2014: he was awarded as Treasurer of FATIPEC for the mandate 2014-2018, succeeding Catherine Dekerckheer.
  • 2015: he retired from Evonik Industries AG at the age of 65 after 42 years of professionnal carreer.
  • 2017: he is still Member of the Board ATIPIC under the actual Presidency of Jacques Warnon.

E-mail: philippe.janssens@chello.be

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