Nederlandse Vereniging van Verftechnici (NVVT)

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The board of the NVVT has changed composition during 2017; now it consists of the following 9 members:
P.J.A. Geurink (president, ex Akzo Nobel), B.P. Alblas (secretary, COT), J. Wezemer (treasurer, Grolman Benelux), M. la Faille (Covestro), J.M. Akkerman (ex Allnex), J. Klomp (Incotec), A. van Linden (Akzo Nobel), M. Bloem (PPG) and A. van der Waals (DSM Coating Resins).

NVVT Grant to participate in the FATIPEC – ETCC 2018 congress
P. Denissen has become the winner of the NVVT Grant to participate in the next FATIPEC – ETCC congress. His contribution has been selected out of the submitted abstracts. Paul Denissen is PhD researcher at the Technical University Delft.
ETTC 2018
The next ETCC 2018 congress will be in Amsterdam on June 26-29 2018 in the Beurs van Berlage in the centre of the capital of the Netherlands. The ETCC Congress will be combined with the CoSI 2018 conference, to prevent overlap and interference, and to obtain an optimal symbiosis of paint and coating technology and science. The other co-organizers are FATIPEC and OCCA.
There will be 108 lectures, including 16 Key-note speakers and 50 posters. Three plenary lectures will be presented by prominent coating experts. Before the congress 3 parallel workshops are planned about functional coatings, film formation of waterborne coatings and life cycle analyses. More than 400 participants are expected to join. More information on www.ETTC2018.org.

For 2017 and 2018 the following activities have been done or planned:

- 6 May 2017: afternoon symposium on ‘Computational ways towards understanding coating systems’,
started with the annual meeting of the NVVT, 46 participants
- 19 September 2017: afternoon symposium on ‘Dutch contributions to the ECS Conference 2017’,
64 participants
- 7 and 21 November 2017: company visit, NS (Dutch Railway) NedTrain Haarlem, 36 participants
- 23 January 2018: afternoon symposium on ‘Additives and application’, 70 participants
- 28 March 2018: whole day symposium (together with ATIPIC) with the topic ‘Impact of regulations:
Threats and Opportunities’ in Brecht Belgium
- 26-29 June 2018: ETTC 2018 in Amsterdam ‘Towards a bright future, new coatings technologies’
- 25 September 2018: afternoon symposium on ‘Dutch contributions to the ETTC 2018 Conference’
- 20 November 2018: afternoon symposium on ‘Legislation for di-isocyanates’
- January 2019: afternoon symposium.

General information about symposia
- Conferences are free of charge for members of the NVVT and on payment also for non-members. Participants (50 to 100, depending on the topic) are mainly technici¬ans from the paint and printing ink industry, representatives from raw materi¬al suppliers, government and research institutes and other intere¬sted bodies.
- Meetings are normally dedicated to a specific topic; 3 to 4 lectures (half day) or 7 to 8 (whole day) are presented and each lecture is followed by a discus¬sion.
- The basic location for the meetings is in Nieuwegein near Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands. In case of combined conferences with other societies or foreign associations another location might be chosen.
- Lectures have to be of a good technical level; final acceptance to be decided by the board of the NVVT. Lectures should not be sales presentations; firm and product names should be avoided as much as possible. Lectures have to be presented in English.


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