Jozef Koziel
General Secretary of FATIPEC

Jozef Koziel graduated from Silesian Technical University in Gliwice.
He has over 40 years’ experience in technical and research & development of wide range of coatings groups: for architectural application, coil coating, powder coatings, wood coatings, packaging coatings, machine & equipment coatings, automotive, electrical insulating, road marking paints, resins & binders, additives, materials and equipment.

Functions in FATIPEC Federation:

- Member of the FATIPEC Board since year 1994
- Member of FATIPEC Executive Committee since year 2006
- Co-President of FATIPEC in 2005-2006
- President of FATIPEC in years 2011-2014
- General Secretary of FATIPEC for the term 2015-2018

Jozef Koziel is a member of Management Board of the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers SITPChem in Warsaw. He is President of Coatings Division of SITPChem. 

As activity for chemical industry J.Koziel works for Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry PIPC in Warsaw as member of the Chamber Council and vice-chairman of its Polymer Materials Committee.

Being active in organization of conferences, congresses, presentations and publications, he supports scientific and technical development of the staff working for paint industry.

Contact by e-mail: koziel.jozef@gmail.com 

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