ETCC 2012 in Lausanne

From 4 to 6 of June in Lausanne (Switzerland) took place a Congress organized by FATIPEC

  Lausanne view

The main organizer of ETCC was SVLFC - the Swiss Association of Paints and Coatings Chemists. The Congress was held under the motto: “Coatings for the next decade”. It was attended by 235 participants from 29 countries, including Japan, Australia, USA and others. The Congress was accompanied by an exhibition, where 20 exhibitors presented their latest products.

ETCC Congress Centre in Lausanne

During the three days of the Congress 66 papers in 11 thematic sections and 20 posters were presented. The vast majority of topics of papers and posters included latest achievements in the field of coatings, adhesives, pigments, additives, new technologies and research. Papers concerning binders mainly related to obtaining or modifying resins and polymers for the preparation of coating materials with a reduced content of volatile organic compounds. An interesting solution concerning new aqueous dispersion was introduced by Marc C. Schrinner (Bayer MaterialScience, Leverkusen).The obtained polyurethane dispersions for two-component water paints with a core-shell morphology do not require the addition of solvents to obtain operating viscosity.


Nicole Frick - ETCC President   Jozef Koziel - President of FATIPEC Federation


 New developments in the field of additives included among others additives improving the properties of powder coatings, matting agents and mixtures based on nanotechnology and biopolymers.
In the field of anticorrosive pigments Lars Kirmaier (Heubach, Langelsheim) presented modifications of zinc orthophosphate both with organic compounds (such as zinc salts of 5-izonitrophtalic acid, cyanuric acid and phthalic acid, succinic acid derivatives and its amine salts, dinonylnaphthalene sulfonates) and inorganic such as aluminum phosphate, molybdenum oxide, strontium and calcium compounds. With the modification of inorganic pigments by organic corrosion inhibitors the improvement of corrosion protection of steel in the initial period of exposure to corrosive factors was achieved. Anticorrosive properties of such modified pigments were comparable or even better than the properties of chromate-based pigments.
An interesting way of evaluation of the corrosion protection performance of coatings applied with electrodeposition method in the whole system of automotive coatings was introduced by Matthias Wanner (Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart). Small holes were drilled in upper layers (down to electrophoretic coating) and the samples were exposed to hydro-thermal cycling. After testing the coating was examined by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP). The method enables the degradation evaluation of the electrophoretic coating, as well as the evolution of resistance of the entire system to delamination.
Marc Zintel (Technical University of Munich) discussed the latest achievements in epoxy coatings concerning corrosion protection of reinforcing steel bars and the method of quantitative evaluation of the properties of these coatings with the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Preliminary results of the quantitative evaluation of water absorption by the coating showed that NMR is a useful method for monitoring and modeling of water diffusion through the polymer coating. 

The topic of coatings for corrosion protection of reinforcing steel bars was also covered in the paper presented by Katia Matziaris (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Polysiloxanes were selected as a binder for coatings of this type with micro-and nano-SiO2 and TiO2 as fillers. As a result of pyrolysis at 400 ° C the coating becomes inorganic (SiO2) , durable to oxidation and hydrophobic. The coating is designed for application in the manufacture of reinforcing steel bars.
For the first time this year the FATIPEC Board decided to cover the costs of the conference for students and young academic workers (one from each member country). They presented valuable lectures and posters.

(from the left) Magdalena Wenda - CSI medal awarded young scientist -Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Blanka Kępska - young scientist -Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Dr. Małgorzata Zubielewicz - Member of FATIPEC Board, Dr. Maria Zielecka -Member of FATIPEC Scientific Committee, Jozef Koziel- President of FATIPEC Federation, Katarzyna Krukiewicz - young scientist - Silesian University of Technology

It is FATIPEC Congresses tradition to give awards for the best presentations. By Decision of the FATIPEC European Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Hans-Jürgen Adler the ETCC
Scientific Award went to Dr. Michaela Gedan-Smolka from the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden for the paper „Antifriction coatings based on chemically grafted polyamideimide-PTFE”. The Award for young scientists was given to Koen Adema from the Eindhoven University of Technology for the poster „Depletion layers in nanocomposite coatings”. Medal of Coatings Societies International (CSI) went to Magdalena Wenda from Industrial Chemistry Research Institute for the paper „Controlled synthesis of silica nanospheres with immobilized nanosilver: synthesis, characterization and evaluation of their antibacterial activities”. 

Prof HJ. Adler – Chairman of European Scientific Committee ESC 2011-2012

During FATIPEC Congresses there is also the Award in the memory of Alain Claus (FATIPEC President 1995-1996, who died in 1996) funded by ATIPIC – the Belgian Association of Technicians from the Paint and Related Industry. The Award is given for the best presentation on environmental issues - this year it went to Prof. Wolfgang Bremser from the University of Paderborn for the paper „Polyamide-polydimethylsiloxane block-copolymers forming patterned tethered liquids on the surface: Use as self-lubricating and anti-fouling coatings”. 


Philippe Janssens – General Secretary of FATIPEC Federation


The Congress proceedings were prepared on flash drives with conference materials containing abstracts and presentations and not the full texts of papers.
The next ETCC Congress organized by two German Associations: VILF (Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches) and GDCh (Lackchemie – die Fachgruppe Lackchemie der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker) will be held from
3 to 5 of September 2014 in Cologne

German Associations VILF and GDChLackChemie presenting congress 2014 in Cologne:
From left: L. Küper, T.Brock, H.G. Schulte, M.Hilt


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