News from FATIPEC

  • The next FATIPEC Executive Committee Meeting will be held in Schwerin, Germany on 18 September 2015,
  • On June 9th 2015 the Executive Board of SITPChem appointed Dr. Radoslaw Adamek for a board member of FATIPEC representing the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers - SITPChem.
  • June 2015 - President Hilt took part in COSI 2015
  • On May 28th 2015 President Michael Hilt and General Secretary Jozef Koziel sent a proposal letter for working out of strategies for strengthening and focusing the efforts for achieving strong European coatings congresses and exhibitions to Mr. Alain Lemor representing AFTPVA. 
  • On 23 April 2015 in Nűrnberg FATIPEC Board accepted CCPR (Corporation of Companies for Paints & Relative Products Manufactures) of Iran as Associated member of FATIPEC,

News and decisions from FATIPEC board on 5 September 2014 in Cologne

  • Main actions for a longer term strategy of the Federation, for minimum 10 years to come, will be worked out in a structured workshop called FATIPECFUTURE (FF). An internal task force will elaborate the new ideas and will present these for being approved by the FATIPEC Board.

Several actions proposed by FATIPEC President J. Koziel were discussed and decided:

  • Put in operation the enlarged range of activities of FATIPEC: Adhesives, Sealants, Printing Inks, Organic Based Construction;
  • Active and intensive approach of institutes, research centres and universities for technical cooperation with FATIPEC;
  • Setup of a database of research organizations with the specification of their research areas and special focus of research interest as well as research and development capabilities;
  • Permanent technical and educational work with young scientists;
  • Contact non-member countries for membership or co-operation with FATIPEC (28 EU countries => 28 potential FATIPEC members);
  • Involvement of all member associations and ESC members in FATIPEC activities;
  • Promotion of FATIPEC activities: Publication of achievements, news, others.
  • The financial situation was discussed. It had been a positive balance for 2013 and practically no specific issues for 2014 until now. Also the financial audit made by the auditors Prof Dr Thomas Brock and Pieter Geurink was closed with a fully positive result.
  • The plans for the next ETCC 2016 (the Congress of FATIPEC) in Birmingham in May 2016 was presented by Peter Collins (OCCA). Some details were discussed and approved.
  • The Board accepted the proposal of ETCC 2018, organized by NVVT in The Netherlands.
  • The Elections of the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer for the term January 2015 - December 2018 were executed, with full agreement of all present member associations:
    o Dr. Michael Hilt (GDCh Lackchemie, D) was elected as FATIPEC President
    o Jozef Koziel (SITPChem, PO) was elected as FATIPEC General Secretary
    o Philippe Janssens (ATIPIC, B) was elected as FATIPEC Treasurer

A short summary of the ETCC 2014 (the Congress of FATIPEC), held on 03 - 05 September 2014 in Cologne, Germany, was presented by Dr. Michael Hilt:

  • ETCC 2014 was held in Guerzenich, Cologne and had 486 participants, 6 invited lectures and 85 lectures in total. In an as well separate and permanently accessible poster session approximately 40 posters were presented.
  •  ETCC was successfully prepared by a core-team consisting of GDCh Lackchemie, VILF and GDCh as congress organizer as well as the FATIPEC President.
  •  ETCC 2014 was accompanied by a small exposition, which attracted many of the congress visitors.
  • An interesting social programme attracted several congress participants: Visit of a typical brew-house as get-together on the first evening and a romantic boat cruise on river Rhine as social evening on the second day.
  • The atmosphere of the congress was generally very comfortable and the feedback of the participants was all in all very positive.
  • Three awards were handed out to the award-winners during the closing ceremony of ETCC 2014:

    The award for the best lecture of ETCC 2014 was granted to Dr Catarina ESTEVES from Eindhoven University for her lecture “Self-replenishing functional coatings: repairing surfaces”

    The young scientist award was granted to two young scientists, evaluated by the evaluators as being completely equal: To Mr Jorge CARNEIRO from the University of Aveiro in Portugal with the lecture: “Surface modification of mesoporous silica for improvement of compatibility with anti-corrosion coatings” and to Mrs Mina ABDOLAH ZADEH from the University of Delft in The Netherlands for her lecture “Towards more reliable sol-gel coatings by combined extrinsic and intrinsic healing”.

    The ATIPIC award in memorial of Alain Clause, for the best lecture on environmental and ecological aspects, was also announced during the closing ceremony of ETCC 2014. The price was granted to Dr Armin MICHEL from the company Corbion Purac in the Netherlands, for his lecture on "Lactide-modified polyester resins with enhanced resin- and coating performance".

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