Chapter 1: Official Name and the Logo

Name (French):
FATIPEC - Fédération d'Associations de Techniciens de l’Industrie
des Peintures, Vernis, Emaux et Encres d’Imprimerie de l'Europe Continentale

Name (English)
Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries

FATIPEC uses the official logo:

Chapter 2: Foundation, Members, Objectives, Duration

Article 1 :
The Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries in abbreviated form FATIPEC, was founded in Geneva (Switzerland) on January 8, 1950 at the initiative of the Paint and Varnishes Technicians National Associations Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland
FATIPEC is a non-profit organization.
FATIPEC may join any International Organization fitting its activities.

Article 2:
The following national Associations are members of FATIPEC:

  • Association Française des Techniciens des Peintures, Vernis, Encres d’Imprimerie, Colles et Adhésifs (AFTPVA) - France (founder member);
  • Associazione Italiana Tecnici Industrie Vernice e Affini (AITIVA), Italy (founder member);
  • Association des Techniciens de l'Industrie des Peintures et des Industries Connexes (ATIPIC) Belgium (founder member);
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Verftechnici (NVVT) - The Netherlands (founder member);
  • Association Suisse des Chimistes de l'Industrie des Vernis et Peintures -Schweizerische Vereinigung der Lack- und Farben Chemiker (ASCVP –SVLFC) - Switzerland (founder member);
  •  Fachgruppe Lackchemie in der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh Lackchemie)" – Germany (member since 1951);
  • Magyar Kémikusok Egyesülete Lakk-ès Festékipari Szakosztály (MKE) - Hungary (member since 1965);
  • Ceska Spolecnest Chemicka - Group for Paints, Pigments and Resins (CCSPPR) - Czech Republic (member since 1994);
  • Stowarzyszenie Inzynierow i Technikow Przemyslu Chemicznego, Polish Association of Chemical Engineers (SITPChem) - Poland (member since 1994);
  • Greek Chemists' Association (GCAPVID) - Greece (member since 1997);
  • The Russian Coating Scientific Association (RCSA) - Russia (member since 2004).
  • Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches e.V. (VILF) – Germany (member since 2008)

Article 3:
The registered Office of FATIPEC is established at c/o AFTPVA 5 rue Etex - 75018 Paris, France, and could be changed by decision of the Board. The FATIPEC permanent Secretariat is established at the place whose location is decided by the FATIPEC Board.

Article 4:
The FATIPEC is set up for 99 years from the foundation and can be re-conducted.

Chapter 3: Objectives

Article 5: The objectives of FATIPEC are:

  • to develop and to disseminate the scientific and technological wide scope of knowledge concerning production, formulations, application and development of coatings and inks understood in their widest meaning;
  • to stimulate research and exchange of ideas and expertises among its members, and to publish the results of scientific and technological works worth the interest of the Coatings Industry;
  • to support any activity that will contribute to develop international cooperation between the Coatings scientists and technicians worldwide as well as with scientists from public or private organizations like Universities and Institute/Research Centres, to carry out into effect the objectives aimed;
  • to organize an International Congress which specialists, scientists, technicians and researchers of the Coatings and allied industries worldwide attend and/or present the results of their works;
  • to create cooperation or membership in other scientific organisations for defined goals
  • to provide a platform for communication in the coatings world;
  • to promote and to strengthen friendship and contact between all its members.

Chapter 4: Members

Article 6:
The member Associations of FATIPEC are Organizations whose members deal with scientific and technological matters connected to the Coatings.
The members affiliated to the Organization/Association Members of FATIPEC are individuals employed or having been employed by:

  • Coatings manufacturers;
  • allied industries like: producers or suppliers of raw materials, production and laboratory, control and measurement equipment as well as services, usable in the Coatings Industry, the end users and coatings applicators;
  • Universities, Institute/Research Centres;
  • Other organizations having functions with a close connection to the coatings activity, (binders, adhesives, etc.).

Chapter 5: Management and Committees

Article 7: The FATIPEC Board
The FATIPEC Board is the only body which has authority to make decisions for any matters concerning the functioning of the FATIPEC Federation, its development and its future.
The Board is composed of two delegates from each member Association, however only one participates at the FATIPEC Board meeting as well as the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer and the Congress President. The delegates, hereafter designed as Board Members, are appointed by their respective Association to participate in the Board meetings. Any other person can be invited by President as attendee. Each member Association has one vote.
The Board is chaired by the elected FATIPEC President with the assistance of the General Secretary, who is in charge of the preparation of minutes from the meetings.
The President and the General Secretary have no right to vote except if they also represent their National Organization.
The Board meets at least once a year. Besides the statutory meetings, extraordinary meetings may be held on a request of the President or any member Association and should be approved by the voting of at least 2/3 of the Board members.
The Board is entitled to take decisions for any matters concerning the running of the FATIPEC Federation, including to:

  • elect the President;
  • appoint the General Secretary and the Treasurer;
  • nominate the Congress President;
  • set up or dissolve committees when necessary;
  • accept new members of the Federation;
  • accept rules and forms of cooperation between FATIPEC other associations or federations,
  • approve the date and location of the meetings and the Congresses
  • decide concerning forms of FATIPEC promotion
  • approve annual membership subscription rates;
  •  modify the Statutes of FATIPEC;
  • approve the annual accounts and balance sheet;
  • create financial funds/ foundations to support statutory activity forms
  • approve the budget for each year;
  • approve accounting auditors and financial audits
  • decide about representation of FATIPEC abroad at events organized by sister Federations or Associations, CSI Board meetings, etc.;

Article 8: Board meetings
The Board meeting follows the agenda prepared by the President and the General Secretary.
New points to the Agenda should be accepted by the Board at the beginning of the meeting.

Article 9: The FATIPEC Presidency.
The FATIPEC President is elected by the Board for a four (4) years term mandate, with possibility of re-election for next four (4) years period starting on January 1st of the initial year.
The main duties and responsibilities of the FATIPEC President:

  • creation of the strategy and programme for realization of the FATIPEC Objectives;
  • preparation of tasks and agendas for the meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee;
  • preparation of the next year budget by November;
  • chairmanship of the FATIPEC Board and the Executive Committee;
  • initiation of electronic voting concerning FATIPEC tasks;
  • approval of money spending and costs related to FATIPEC statutory activity;
  • analysing the realization of financial budget with a support of the Treasurer;
  • cooperation with the European Scientific Committee;
  • representing FATIPEC at the CSI Board;
  • representing FATIPEC in Justice;
  • representing FATIPEC at the strategic programmes or events organized by other Associations or Federations;
  • support of congress organisation;
  • cooperation with General Secretary and supervising the activity of Secretariat;
  • performing special duties assigned by the Board and Executive Committee of FATIPEC.

The President can be directly supported or replaced on temporary basis in the selected functions by other Board members based on a decision of the Board.

The FATIPEC President and his nominated substitute work on a voluntary basis. All the costs related to their statutory work are covered by FATIPEC expenses.

For preparation, organisation and chairing the congress, the Congress President is nominated by the Board. If the Congress is organized jointly by more than one member
Association or together with other federations, the Board may elect Congress co-Presidents, one from each co-organizing Party.

Article 10: The General Secretary
The General Secretary is elected by the Board for a four (4) years term, starting from January 1st of the initial year, which can be renewed. The candidates for General Secretary should be presented to the Board at least 1 month before the election.

The main duties and responsibilities of the General Secretary are to:

  • assume pending managing administration;
  • act as communication liaison among the FATIPEC Member Associations, and the other Federations or Associations worldwide;
  • perform special duties as assigned by the Board and Executive Committee of FATIPEC;
  • taking care of collecting votes from the electronic voting
  • assist in the organization of the Congress;
  • prepare and distribute minutes of the Board and Executive Committee meetings;
  • taking care of the web site updates;
  • preserve archival materials.

The General Secretary works on a voluntary basis. All the costs connected to his functions and responsibilities are covered by FATIPEC.

Article 11: The Treasurer
The Treasurer is elected by the Board for a four (4) years term, starting from January 1st of the initial year, which can be renewed. The candidates for Treasurer should be presented to the Board at least 1 month before the election.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are to:

  • collect the annual members’ subscriptions;
  • send out invoice for the fee in January each year;
  • prepare the annual budgets;
  • hold the accounts;
  • provide annual financial statements for approval by the Board;
  • submit the annual accounts for verification to the internal accounting auditors nominated by the Board for financial audits;
  • report the financial data to the Board, Executive Committee and President;
  • cooperate with the President on pending duties.

The Treasurer works on a voluntary basis. All the costs connected to his/her functions and responsibilities are covered by FATIPEC.

Article 12: The Executive Committee
The FATIPEC Executive Committee is composed of: the FATIPEC President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Congress President and 2-4 members nominated by the Board. For specific projects other persons could be invited as attendees.

The main activities of the Executive Committee are to:

  • work out recommendations to the Board concerning strategies and duties for realization of FATIPEC Objectives;
  • execute decisions taken by the Board;
  • prepare the main topics of the agenda for the Board meeting;
  • consult among the Board members possible solutions and decisions to be taken by the Board;
  • discuss and prepare of main financial items and budget to be decided by the Board;
  • support activities of the Member Associations;
  • promote FATIPEC by preparation of publications and advertisement.

Article 13: The European Scientific Committee (ESC)
The ESC, a permanent scientific body of the FATIPEC, is composed of one delegate by member Association, accepted by the Board. The members should be recognized as experts in fields closely acquainted with the Coatings Science and Industry.

The role of the ESC members is to take care of the scientific, technological and technical level of FATIPEC, including the programme of the congress. ESC is responsible for selecting the papers, their evaluation and nomination of the best lectures.

The Chairman of ESC is nominated by FATIPEC Board and has to cooperate with the Congress President.

The role of the ESC members is defined as follows:

  • to set up scientific program of the congress;
  • to select qualified lecturers from Universities, Research Centres, Institutes and Companies
  • to provide the Congress with the papers of outstanding scientific and technical level;
  • to screen candidate papers, and support the congress organiser in the selection of papers to be awarded;
  • to provide updated technical information for FATIPEC publications and promotions.

Chapter 6: Financial Resources

Article: 14
The financial resources of FATIPEC (excluding the finance of the FATIPEC congress organisation) are based on the annual membership subscriptions, and possible other sources.
The annual membership subscription consists of an annual fix per member Association, and an annual subscription fee in proportion to the number of affiliated members to each Association. The rates of these annual subscriptions are fixed at least one year before coming into effect. Any change of the membership subscription should be proposed by the President and approved by the Board.

The annual contribution of each Association member has to be paid before end of March based on invoicing send out in January.

In case of liquidation of the FATIPEC it will be a decision of the Board and following the legal aspects what will be done with the financial assets of the Federation.

Chapter 7: New Members Admission

Article: 15
Any Organization or Association satisfying the Statutes may apply to become a member of FATIPEC based on the Board’s approval. The membership qualification implies that the candidate Organization has previously noticed to the President, in a written form, to conform itself to the present FATIPEC Statutes. It also has to present the Statutes of its Organization and its activity in the technical and scientific field of coatings.

Chapter 8: Statutes Modifications

Article 16: Modification of the Statutes.
Any suggestion for a modification of the present Articles should be addressed to the FATIPEC President at least one month before the next Board voting and should be accepted by unanimous voting by board members.

Chapter 9: Voting

Article 17: Voting rights and validity
Each member Association has one vote.
The President and the General Secretary have no right to vote except if they also represent their own Organization.

Voting is done by raising the hands or by secret ballot on request of at least one of the delegates having the right to vote. Voting by mail or any electronic means is allowed.
The General Secretary keeps records of all the electronic votes.

The voting’s results are valid if at least 2/3 of the members Associations are represented at the Board meeting or take part in electronic voting. Decision is taken by majority (more than 50%) of votes. In case of equal voting result the President decides. These rules apply to all the matters voted during the Board meeting or electronic voting, except the decisions which have to be taken unanimously, according this FATIPEC Statutes.

Chapter 10: Annual Accounts and Financial Control.

Article 18:
The annual financial book year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st each year. At the end of each financial book year, the financial situation is established by the Treasurer. He/she proposes the budget to the President who presents it for approval to the Board.
The financial situation, annual accounts and the legality of the fund movements are controlled by the accounting auditors nominated by the Board for financial audits.

Chapter 11: Internal Regulations

Article 19:
A set of Internal Regulations can be established and entered in force after its approval by the Board.

Chapter 12: The FATIPEC Congresses

Article 20:
The Congresses are organised by FATIPEC in conjunction with the local association. Two or more Member Associations or in cooperation with other federations may jointly organise the Congress.
FATIPEC is responsible for the scientific programme of the congress trough the European Scientific Committee

Chapter 13: Language

English is the language used within the FATIPEC and in all official correspondence between its members as well in all events it organizes.


These revised FATIPEC Statutes have been approved by the FATIPEC Board
on 5th of June 2012


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